Predict, discover & earn.

Play to Earn

Earn ETH and NFTs by playing free prediction games.

Non-Fungible Token

Collect and exchange NFTs with unique utilities.

Player vs Player

Compete versus other players and not against the "house".

Crowd Wisdom

Access market insights and other players' predictions.

35 000 +
Players joined
$50 000 +
Paid out in prizes
2 100 000 +
Predictions made
What is CryptoPick?
CryptoPick is a market prediction game that rewards players for making predictions while unlocking valuable trading insights. We host games and tournaments where players compete against each other to earn ETH, Pickies, and NFTs.
Playing CryptoPick is a simple way to develop and test your trading skills, earn your first crypto, and grab your first non-fungible token without risking anything.
How to play CryptoPick?
Select a game in the Games section and make a prediction. Two games are currently available:
  • UP/DOWN: predict if a specific coin's price will go up or down for a selected time frame and wait for the results.
  • MOON/DOOM: predict what coin will do the best/worst performance for a selected time frame and wait for the results.
You can also join tournaments to earn ETH.
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